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Audi |VW | Volkswagen 1.8T, Low Oil Pressure; Stop Car

If the Low Oil Pressure indicator come on in you Audi or Volkswagen 1.8Turbo and it tells you to Stop The Car, it is probably a good idea. Here at European Autowerks we have run into this countless times. What most likely has occurred is the engine oil has been baked in the turbo and tuned to carbon. The pieces of carbon have, over time, plugged the oil pump pick-up screen. Unfortunately the oil pump pick up screen is right next to where the oil returns from the turbo. Once this happens no oil system service we have been able to find helps at all. Once the pick-up screen is plugged it is plugged and must be replaced. Replacing an oil pick up screen is not a do-it-your-selfer type job. It is quite a project. In the pictures we provided below, you can see the plugged pick-up screen and the sludge in the oil pan. On this particular Audi A4, the customer drove a bit too far. The bearings in the turbo overheated, seized and broke the impeller shaft off. To prevent this we recommend using ONLY full synthetic engine oil in the Volkswagen and Audi 1.8T and changing it every 4000 miles. But if your Low Oil Pressure indicator is already coming on, it is probably time to replace you oil pump pick-up screen than switch to our oil service regiment after that.

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