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Audi Turbo A4 Turbo Lock Nut

We run into this all the time and if not addressed you will destroy a brand new turbo in 20 miles or less. When the turbo comes apart on an Audi it is very common that the lock nut on the in the intake/intercooler side of the turbo comes off and goes into the intercooler. The impeller blades will stop so fast that they blow the nut off. It is critical that the nut be retrieved. If it is not, it will get sucked or bounce back into the turbo and destroy the impeller and obviously void any warranty on the part. We have heard of this happening many times, even at the Audi and Volkswagen dealerships. Luckily we are smart enough to learn from other's mistakes. Here are some pictures of a 2005 Audi A4 Quattro, the shaft snapped off of the exhaust side of the turbo and the nut on the intake side shot into the bottom of the inter cooler. We had to remove the intercooler and get all of the debris out. If you need Audi service or repair in the Temecula/ Murrieta area just give is a call or swing by European Autowerks. You will be glad you did...


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