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I answered the phone at the shop a few days ago and concerned voice came over the phone asking "how much is a alternator on a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. As I always do, I asked "why do you think you need an alternator?". The caller explained that the vehilce had been to the dealership for a 80,000 mile service and a few days later the battery light came on and the car died. He towed it back to the dealership and they "tested" it for $149 and said it needed an alternator. They quoted him over $1200 for the repair. I thought this was strange for a Volkswagen with 80,000 miles on it, but quoted him a price. It was less than half of the dealership. I told him to have it towed in, but we need to test it ourselves before we condem the alternator. We performed our Charging System Test and found that the power distribution bar (see picture) had burnt and by jumping it we got the alternator to test good. We recommended that the power distribution bar be replaced and the system be retested. After replacing the power distribution bar the alternator tested good and customer left smiling from ear to ear. Now, I am not saying that the Dealership was out to screw anyone, but they could not have perfrormed the Charging System Test that we did or done the testing the customer got charged for. Moral of the story: if you have he processes and proceedures in place and follow them, it will be a WIN-WIN for everyone..

This customer's review:Hands down the best auto service I have ever had the pleasure doing business with! I have experience in working on cars, unfortunately I have very little time and space to work on my vehicles. I was originally quoted by my dealership over $1000 to replace a faulty alternator. My vehicle hasn't reached 80k and I didn't think my alternator was bad. I towed my vehicle to European Autowerks for their opinion and they discovered the problem to be something totally different. They sent me pictures of their findings in an email before they made contact with me, something I have never had done before. What an amazing concept, above and beyond any other auto shop I've worked with. The actual repair was well under $200, which saved me over $900! The technician that worked on my car took the time to go over any questions I had and made me feel confident that he knew what he was doing. I was very impressed by the knowledge base and professionalism of this shop! To top it all off, my car was washed and even included shinning the tires! I cant imagine any dealership even coming close to this kind of service! I feel very confident to come back for any future repairs and will definitely spread the word about how good this place really is.

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