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VW/Volkswagen TDI Carbon Build-up/Black Smoke/Lack of Power/Poor Fuel Ecomomy

We are running into more and more cases of carbon build up in the throttle bodies and intake manifolds of VW TDIs. This is due to lack of maintenance.

If you do not change you oil atthe recommended intervals and do not have a induction service performed regularly, this will most likely happen to your TDI. Oil vapor from the PCV system gets in to the intake manifold and starts building up as carbon. If it is not cleaned out regularly using a induction cleaning machine and induction cleaning chemicals soon the carbon build-up will restrict the air flow to your engine causing a hard start problem when cold, a lack of power, black smoke out the tailpipe and poor fuel economy. In some cases you may also get a Check Engine Light. If you have let your vehicle get to this point your intake manifold and throttle body will have to be removed and either cleaned or replaced. The vehicle shown in these pictures has a hard start condition and another shop replaced the glow plugs trying to solve her concern. Don't waste your money going to a facility that says they can "work on anything." If you have a Volkswagen TDI, come to the experts and we will save you a lot of time and money. Give us a call at (951) 225-1131 or CLICK HERE for you appointment.

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